Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Neighborhood Meeting Recap

Good morning, NECKO -

Here's a followup on what happened at our neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, April 10th:

1) City Projects Update: The planned beautification and sidewalk upgrade for West 8th & Perry should be in progress for late spring or early summer. Also, the City is planning to begin work on the planned median for King Avenue before OSU football season.

2) Neighborhood Plan Update: The neighborhood meeting was our kickoff for the neighborhood planning process. The City Planning Division is working on compiling all existing plans and studies as a starting point for our own plan. Future steering committee meetings will be announced via this email list as they're scheduled. The group asked that an email go out to everyone asking for ideas of what our new plan should address. (look for that later this week)

3) OSU Projects Update: There was no new information on the planned new parking garage east of the existing West 9th/Belmont Garage. We talked about making a public records request to get some information.

4) Officer Elections: Elections were held for 2007. This year's officers are: President: William Murdock, Vice President: Marlinda Iyer, and Secretary/Treasurer: Cyndy Youker.

5) Events for 2007 - The group discussed potential volunteer projects to work on with the University Area Enrichment Association.

As always, don't forget to check out our website at www.necko.org and be sure to forward this email to any interested friends and neighbors.

Have a good week! William