Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June Neighborhood Meeting Notes

Good evening, NECKO -

Here's a little-bit-later-than-usual follow up on what happened at our
neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, June12th:

1) Neighborhood Cookout! - Thursday, July 19th @ 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.: The
neighbors at at 1499 Perry Street are the gracious hosts of this
neighborhood potluck and cookout. All are welcome, so please mark
your calendar! Please email me if you're able to bring a dish or help
out with grilling, etc.

2) Problem Properties - There was a major discussion on what to do
about some recent events at properties with huge parties, noise
problems, and trash/code issues. A lot of concern about houses near
West 8th and Belmont was discussed. Apparently, a noise permit was
obtained by one house for a major party that resulted in multiple
incidents. Several in attendance were given assignments to find out
more about noise permits, to contact owners of the offending houses,
and all were encouraged to continue reporting code violations to
645-3111, noise violations to 645-4545, and fire violations to

3) Community Garden - Sean Cunningham of the University Area
Commission (and NECKO resident) discussed the possibility of a
community garden on OSU property behind Creative Living. He is
looking for interested volunteers to help create the garden. He also
updated the group on some green initiatives being looked at by the

4) City Projects Update - The planned beautification and sidewalk
upgrade for West 8th & Perry should be in progress for summer, but no
new details were presented. Also, the City is planning to begin work
on the planned median for King Avenue by August.

5) Neighborhood Plan Update - There's been a staffing change at the
City Planning Division, but our plan is still on their list. No new
updates as of the meeting or this email.

6) OSU Projects Update - There was no new information on the planned
new parking garage east of the existing West 9th/Belmont Garage. We
talked about making a public records request to get some information.

As always, don't forget to check out our website at and
be sure to forward this email to any interested friends and neighbors.

Have a good week! William