Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Parking Garage on West 9th

Good evening, NECKO - This an update of the meeting yesterday with OSU regarding the new parking garage proposed for just north of the neighborhood.  Our thanks to those who braved the cold and snow to attend!  Thanks also to OSU for seeking neighborhood input on this major new project! I hope to have photos and/or a map to post in the next day or so.

Here are the details we learned:

- Construction of the new $18 million 1000+ space parking garage will likely start in June 2008 and be finished a year later
- The garage will be located along West 9th Avenue and replace the gravel lot north of the alley
- It will be separate from, but adjacent to the other West 9th garage (although connected via pedestrian bridges)
- The design of the garage is contemporary with metal screening, interesting lighting, and a glass tower to improve the appearance
- The height is similar to the existing 9th Ave. garage
- A new pedestrian walkway will connect West 9th Avenue to Michigan Avenue and run between the old garage and the new garage
- Entrances & exits on the garage will not lead into the neighborhood, but direct traffic instead to West 9th
- Currently, the gravel parking lot on West 8th (across from Michigan) is planned to be maintained as a gravel lot after the project is finished

Questions asked by the group for the team to consider included:

- Obtaining funding for entrance markers and additional landscaping for the pedestrian walkway at West 8th & Michigan
- Converting the gravel parking lot to more attractive parking, a park, a community garden, or green space
- Looking for ways to improve safety along the pedestrian corridor
- Providing car wash vouchers to any neighbors affected by construction dust
- Ways to reduce the lighting and storm water impact to the neighborhood

The person to contact with any comments at OSU is: Charlie Conner, Project Manager at

 Comments need to be received ASAP to be considered for alternate design features!

Have a great evening!


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