Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Power Lines & Poles down King, Perry, & 8th

Good morning, NECKO -

As we learned at our NECKO meeting a few weeks ago, I was able to confirm yesterday that AEP has plans to put new high power transmission lines and wooden poles in NECKO in areas where they do not currently exist. 

The plan is to put these new poles along King Avenue, turning north onto the west side of Perry, and then along West 8th Avenue to Neil. They will be in front of houses along the street.  These lines will apparently not service our neighborhood.  Plans to install the poles could happen as soon as the end of March.

I'm currently waiting on AEP to get a meeting scheduled for us, so that we can find out what our options are. Any more information that I have will be posted via email or on the website at I hope to know a date for the meeting within the week.

Since a meeting with AEP may have to be during the day, I'd like to see who else may be interested in attending.  Please let me know via email.

Thanks -