Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attention NECKO Neighborhood Gardeners!

Hello, NECKO -  This is a message from our Neighborhood Garden Leader, April:

This Thursday, April 16th at 6:30pm is our Seed Planting Party at Creative Living!!

Gather up your planter materials and plan to get a little dirty while we get the seeds nestled in their new starter homes!
I've been reading up on cheap ways to start seeds, and composed the following list of items that are great for starting seeds. Please bring as many of these household items as you'd like, to avoid spending money in the store:
  • Berry containers from the store (the clear plastic kind with lots of holes, used to package strawberries, raspberries blueberries & blackberries)
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Coffee cans with a plastic lid
  • Plastic take out containers (be sure to wash with a bleach/water solution before Thursday)
  • Newspaper - we can create seed starter containers simply with a couple of staples!
  • 2-liter bottles
  • Milk jugs (again, be sure to wash with bleach/water)
  • brown paper grocery bags - we can use the bottoms as seed trays!
  • tin cans, especially tuna cans (make sure to wash them well with bleach!)
  • Old planters, vases if they are smaller  - seeds need less soil, these will be helpful for things that need to be transplanted to bigger pots later
Bring anything you have that you think may be used to start seedlings. You may also feel free to purchase the cheap black plastic seed starter trays and/or the Jiffy Seed Starters I showed the group two meetings ago.

If anyone has an old set of miniblinds no longer in use, PLEASE bring them!! We can use them to make identifying tags for our seeds!

I will bring the seeds and the soil, plus things we may need such as towels, scissors, forks, knives, a can opener, and a stapler. If anyone has tin snips, please bring them.

We can store all of the seeds in my apartment for their first two weeks (a very tender time!). Anyone who has room to spare in a quiet, warm, dark corner/closet is welcome to help me keep them safe during this delicate time. Afterward, they will be transported to Dodd Hall - they have a great space for us to use to keep the plants going.

Also, for the next several weeks, you can save coffee grounds, egg shells, used nylons, newspapers, plastic take out containers with lids, chopsticks, popsicle sticks, scratched cd's, scrap wood, tinfoil, and 2-liters  - all for later implementation in the garden. I've got a great magazine that provides a lot of tips for using household items in the garden to save money and time!

I'm super excited!!! If anyone is able to stay and help clean up, as well as walk the seedlings over to my place - 1479 Belmont Ave, just an alley way away from Creative Living - all help is much appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and excitement about our garden. It will be great!

Please feel free to email me at aprilcalkovsky@gmail.com or call me at 614-477-8610 if you have any questions!