Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pop Bottles needed for Next Year's Neighborhood Garden

Hi neighbors! It's getting close to that time again - seed starting time! I know last year we started seeds but didn't get to plant them in our own NECKO Garden and that was disappointing. Happily, the seedlings were sold at the Urban Farmer's Market and given to the other gardens in the University Area, so they didn't go to waste at all. But, this year we are even closer to having the go ahead from OSU and I am confident we will be digging in the dirt by March. So, I'm asking for your help to collect 1500 2-liter pop/juice bottles by Martin Luther King Jr. Day to build a plastic bottle greenhouse to start our seedlings. The greenhouse will live outside the Summit on 16th United Methodist Church where it will have sun all day. Here is the link to the project we are completing on Community Commitment Day, January 18, 2010:

If you have 2-liter bottles, please save them and I will sweep the neighborhood at noon on Saturday, January 16th to pick them up from your front porches. Feel free to shoot me an email at to let me know if you have any bottles, or just set them outside. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions OR if you know where I might find a gold mine of empty 2-liter bottles - 614-477-8610.

Thank you NECKO!!
april calkovsky