Friday, April 30, 2010

Community Garden is a Reality!!

Good afternoon, NECKO -

We did it! The NECKO Neighborhood Community Garden is in place! April 17, 2010 was our groundbreaking day. 38 volunteers from the neighborhood, from Xenos, Creative Living, OSU, and Battelle came together to build this amazing wheelchair accessible garden. Can't wait to grow some veggies and continue building relationships in the community!  You can check out photos of this great day here.

We will be working in the garden May 15th and probably May 22nd or 23rd as well. There is still so much to do!

We agreed to mow the property so that individual plots wouldn't be harmed by large mowers so, I'm putting a call out to the community for the use of a simple walk behind lawn mower. It shouldn't take much time at all to mow the property - we've turned most of it into food production space! We need to mow the grass early next week, after the rain passes, so if anyone has a mower we can borrow, please send me an email.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the project in any way. It has been a long time coming and I think everyone should be proud for their part and proud of the community as a whole.

Please feel free to email April at with any questions - or if you have a mower for me to borrow soon!

- April