Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meeting about Our Neighborhood's History - 6/29 @ 7 PM

Hello, NECKO Neighborhood - We've got a unique opportunity to learn more about our neighborhood's history next week! See the details below for more info:


Come explore our neighborhoods' history! - The Circles, Dennison Place & NECKO

Presented By local Columbus Historian Doreen Uhas-Sauer


WHERE:   KING AVE METHODIST CHURCH  299 King Avenue, Columbus, OH   43201

Located at the heart of some of the best that Columbus has to offer, these diverse and vibrant neighborhoods are part of the Short North communities and are bordered by The Ohio State University to the north and the Victorian Village to the south. Our neighborhoods attract residents that have great pride in our city and our place in it.  Come out and hear some of what made our area what it is today at the King Ave United Methodist Church.

You'll learn...

Why is Neil Avenue named Neil Avenue?

Who was Elizabeth McMillen?

What sort of folks built our houses?

What sorts of folks have lived here through the decades?

Curious?  Then please join us on June 29th for an entertaining and informative evening.  Invite your neighbors and friends!

*Doreen Uhas-Sauer is a longtime Columbus educator who is actively involved in historic preservation, urban issues and local history.  She has received statewide recognition for her work in preservation education and has coauthored several books on local Columbus history.  You may have seen her contributions on the acclaimed PBS series, "Columbus Neighborhoods."