Monday, October 20, 2008

Neighborhood Meeting Followup

Good evening, NECKO - Thanks to all who attended our neighborhood meeting last Tuesday!

Our main topic was an update on the parking garage being built north of the intersection of West 8th and Michigan.

We were very grateful to have had Charlie Conner from OSU at the meeting for the update.

Here are the basics:

- The garage is expected to be completed by early September 2009
- Work has progressed quickly and the underground work is mostly finished
- The North-South Alley just west of Neil will be replaced as part of the project between 8th & 9th
- All construction traffic is being routed away from the NECKO neighborhood
- A new stormwater pipe will be installed along the east edge of the existing garage in the coming weeks

A major issue we discussed involved the gravel lot at Michigan and West 8th Avenue. The lot is currently slated to remain
as a gravel parking lot after the construction. Neighbors were particularly concerned about the lot and whether it was necessary.
There was extensive discussion about how to screen it, whether it could be converted to a greenspace, and if the project could
include new neighborhood markers similar to those further west on 8th.

Mr. Conner said that a neighborhood marker could be a possibility and that he would check into it. He directed us to OSU Traffic and Parking to
explore the possibilities for the parking lot. Several of us are following up to find out about this and will report back to the list as soon as we hear more.

It was also mentioned that the "Spirit of Women" Park at OSU is going to be replaced with a parking garage for the Medical Center next year.
More information on that project will be discussed at a future meeting.

Other topics:

- April gave an update on the community garden (more info on that in a separate email)
- The Holiday Lighting contest will take place again this year (more info on that coming soon)
- There was a discussion about recent car thefts in the neighborhood and loud parties
- The drainage issue on Perry at the alley north of King was discussed

Next meeting will be a Holiday "Garden" Get-together on December 9. Mark your calendars!

Thanks - William

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