Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NECKO Garden Fundraising at ComFest 2010

Good evening, NECKO - The NECKO Neighborhood Garden has a great fundraising opportunity at ComFest this weekend.  Please see the note from April below.   You can email her at garden@necko.org.  Don't forget to check the website for more garden information at www.necko.org!

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Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 9:15 AM

Hello Volunteers, Supporters and Gardeners!
ComFest is this weekend, June 25, 26, & 27 in Goodale Park. ComFest draws thousands of people from all over to celebrate this wonderful community of people, share great music, interesting food, and various local vendors and artisans. As you can imagine, it takes a big, organized effort to clean up at the end of each day's celebration. To encourage volunteers to help in the clean up efforts, the folks at ComFest have created a fantastic fundraising program for community folks like us!

Here's the deal:
Join the cleanup crew from 10pm to 2am on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening and $$$EARN MONEY$$$ for the organization of your choice!! Working Sunday evening earns you a slightly higher rate of pay. I'll know the exact figure tomorrow, but I believe you earn $10/hour for your organization! How can we do this since the NECKO Garden isn't its own 501(3)(c)? Because we are part of the University Area Garden Collective, organized by the University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA). Catherine Girves, Director of UAEA, has offered to designate funds you earn specifically to the NECKO Garden. These funds will be UNRESTRICTED - this means we can spend them on anything garden related. We could purchase fencing for the community plot, pay the water bill, plan a community garden picnic celebration, save money for next year's expenses, or if necessary - buy an insurance policy :) Isn't this exciting??
Here's what to do:
Go to www.comfest.com Click on Volunteer and complete the form. Where it says "I would like to donate my hours worked to the following group:" type in University Area Enrichment Association. You will receive a confirmation email later that day or the next day. Make sure you tell me that you are donating your hours to the NECKO Garden so I can report that to UAEA. I will have full and complete details about check in after I go through a supervisor training session on Tuesday. I will be working the 10pm-2am shifts on Friday and Saturday.

If you can't work the 10pm to 2am shift but still want to help out with ComFest, there are lots of other ways to volunteer. Volunteers for other shifts and other types of work receive beer/food tokens and a t-shirt. For instance, if you'd like to help out with bike parking at ComFest, please go to www.comfest.com - this is my favorite place to volunteer during ComFest!
You'll get the tokens and the t-shirt for helping out! Last year we parked almost 2500 bikes over the 3 days! It's tons of fun and encourages people to bike instead of drive :)

To learn more about the good work that the University Area Enrichment Association is doing in the University Area, visit www.uaea.org or ask me :)

Thanks to everyone for making the garden a success!!

April Calkovsky