Thursday, March 25, 2021

Follow Up on New OSU Garage

Hello, NECKO - 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Tuesday's meeting with Ohio State about the new Dodd Garage off Perry Street.  They reviewed the proposed landscaping and garage modifications on the neighborhood-facing side of the garage as well as ideas about the relocated and improved community garden. Their presentation is available for review here.

One action item:

Please review the presentation and get any feedback or questions back to Erin Prosser at OSU in the next week or so.

One follow up item:

After the meeting, Erin answered our question about the height of the very tall crane on site.  The quick answer is that the crane is significantly taller than the new garage.  Here's her detailed answer:

"The height of the crane is 140'. The height of the garage, as measured from the lowest grade (elevation 724') to the top of the elevator tower, will be 92'. However, the height that the neighborhood will experience will be closer to approximately 64'. The garage is below grade on the neighborhood side approximately 8' below berm elevation and the elevator tower is approximately 20' above the top level." 

Have a great weekend!