Thursday, May 13, 2021

Presentation & Takeaways from Tuesday's Meeting

Good evening, NECKO -

Thanks to everyone who attended our virtual neighborhood meeting on Tuesday!  We had a very informative discussion on the parking permit districts, the latest on the new OSU garage, and the proposed historic district. 

Key takeaways if you missed it:

1) The presentation on the parking permit changes is available here.  It's a slightly corrected version to clarify the rules around guest passes.  The neighborhood's requests were almost entirely accommodated and overall the changes seem very positive.  City Parking staff have been very responsive to our concerns.

2) The changes to the NK permit district go into effect this summer.  More info will be sent in the next few weeks. 

3) The OSU garage construction will enter a new phase in June with occasional overnight concrete pours.  They've moved the pour location further away from houses and will provide updates on dates of the concrete pours.  More info expected soon.

Have a good weekend!