Sunday, November 7, 2021

Updates from Tuesday's Meeting

Good morning, NECKO - 

Thanks to all who attended Tuesday's neighborhood meeting!  Here are the main takeaways:

1) OSU Construction Updates:  Thanks to OSU representatives for presenting the latest on the Dodd Garage and other projects near NECKO.  Their presentation can be downloaded by clicking here. The Dodd Garage is getting close to topping out.  There will be an orange flag on the crane installed next week to show the approximate final height, so look for that soon.  Any questions? You can contact Steve Volkmann at OSU here if needed.  

2) Tree Requests: If you live on Perry Street or King Avenue (west of Perry), OSU is offering to plant a tree in your yard to help screen the Dodd Garage.  The neighborhood is putting together a list of requests.  Email to inquire.

3) Neighborhood Garden:  OSU will be inviting neighbors and others interested to a meeting on the updates to the neighborhood garden to be installed after the Dodd Garage construction.  This will be in March, more info to follow. 

4) City Council Districts: We also discussed the proposed drafts of the new City Council Districts.  In one option (A), NECKO is included with Clintonville.  In the two other options (B & C), NECKO is included with the Circles and Victorian Village.  You can make public comments by clicking here.

5) Historic District: Susan Keeny provided an update on the proposed district.  Although the process continues, signatures from property owners are still needed. There is concern about potential development which could involve demolition of historic homes in NECKO.  For more info, please email Susan here

Have a great rest of the weekend!