Monday, May 21, 2007

Dump and Run at OSU (Recycling & Reuse Program)

Hello, NECKO -

I'm passing along an email from NECKO resident, Sean Cunningham - who is with OSU's Students for Recycling - about their Dump & Run program.  This innovative program picks up all sorts of items that can be rused instead of placed in the dumpster - and helps avoid excessive trash in the dumpsters during student move out in June.  They'll even pick items up from your house in NECKO - you don't have to be student!  Their website is:

Please see the message below for all the details.  - William

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From: Sean Cunningham


 OSU 2007

Make your trash someone's treasure!

Students For Recycling is hosting the Dump & Run (D+R)  for the 4th year. This program helps to save many tons (14 tons in 2006) from going into the landfill and promotes reuse and recycling. Items are sorted and then stored over the summer until a huge yard sale in September. Proceeds from the sale go to student organizations that volunteered their time and to Columbus area non-profits/ charities. Unsold items are further donated.

For students on campus you can donate your reusable items in the bins located in the lobbies of the residence halls. The bins will be in the lobbies from May 18th until June 8th.

For off campus students and community members, we encourage you to call 247-4949 to arrange a pick up of bulk items such as couches, chairs, bookshelves, desks, tables, and other furniture. You can also visit our website at to electronically request a pick up. Unfortunately, if you live more than 3 miles of the OSU main campus area we will not be able to pick up your items.

For your convenience you can also drop off your donations from 5-8pm at 1165 Kinnear Road on
Monday: May 21st, Thursday: May 24th, Tuesday: May 29th, Thursday: May 31st, Monday: June 4th, Tuesday: June 5th, Wednesday: June 6th, Thursday: June 7th, & Friday: June 8th.


Suggested donations:


What we will not accept:

·      Couches

·      Books        

·      Clean clothing

·      Laundry detergent

·      Lamps

·      *Carpets/ rugs

·      Toys

·      Bicycles

·      CDs

·      DVDs/ VHS

·      Chairs

·      Bookshelves

·      Tables

·      Desks

·      Working TVs, stereos, computers, calculators, DVD players/ VCRs, etc.

·      Non-perishable food

·      Kitchen utensils/ cooking/ eating containers


·      Broken appliances

·      Dirty or heavily stained rugs/ carpeting

·      Underwear

·      Animals/ plants

·      Trash

·      Perishable food

·      Magazines/ newspapers



                                                                                 * please keep carpets/ rugs rolled up and tied



See our website for more information: and
Contact us for pick-ups of large items & off-campus: 614-247-4949 or .