Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How would WE improve the NECKO neighborhood? (updated version)

Hello, NECKO neighborhood - (updated version)

Thanks to everyone for their responses! Here's the list of all the various City issues on which we'd like to see improvements to make our neighborhood a better place to live.

Here are our answers to this question:
What items should our new neighborhood plan address*?

Improved Alleys
- new gravel / chip & seal / or concrete installed
- better parking enforcement

Safety & Security
- increased police protection
- better laws to prevent sex offenders from living near universities
- more campus security / bike patrols
- stricter enforcement of fire code on bonfires

Parking Improvements
- look into ways to encourage both backyards and additional parking
- examine effectiveness of parking along West 8th

Trash and Litter
- examine effectiveness of current City dumpsters
- target large rentals for improved dumpster pickup and appearance
- require screening for private dumpsters
- find solution to cars parking in front of trash containers (in alleys and in streets)
- street sweeping on more streets (towing?)
- student move out - special program / attention / dumpsters / fines

- look at ways to further improve accessibility throughout neighborhood

Sidewalks & Streets
- get neighborhood sidewalks replaced / fixed / brought up to code
- fix brick streets
- restore Perry Street to brick, but coordinate with Creative Living to ensure accessibility

- encourage LEEDS certification and energy efficiency
- create more greenspace
- free recycling

- Create a new pocket park for NECKO
- Community Garden

- more decorative light fixtures
- better maintenance and tree trimming

Grass - uncut grass
- look at better enforcement for grass height

- fix "lake perry"
- encourage impervious surfaces (not currently allowed?)

Street Trees
- better maintenance
- replacement program

Zoning Code Improvements
- encourage building of garages
- rewrite code so that it fits neighborhood specifics
- no "down" zoning
- allow carriage houses in exchange for lower density
- work with landlords to protect architectural features of houses (no blocking of windows/doors, removing porches, etc.) and encourage them to restore important elements like porches

- use incentives to encourage home remodeling

(listed randomly, NOT in level of importance)


That's the list of "City" type issues for the plan to address. Do you have any additions?

We'll be using this list to work on the Neighborhood Plan and crafting solutions to some or all of these problems to put into the plan.

Thanks again to everyone for their input!


PS Don't forget about the neighborhood cleanup this weekend from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For details, see