Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update on North High Street Paving

Hello, NECKO - This update comes from University Area Commissioner and NECKO resident Susan Keeny.  It describes the construction traffic situation affecting North High Street this month.  It is originally from Roger Betts of the Paving the Way program. See below...

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I wanted to pass on this information to our NECKO and Circles Neighbors.  It looks like traveling on North High Street will be a bit difficult this month, due to construction.  Note Sept. 27th when that portion of High will be closed to all traffic.
Susan Keeny  

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From:            Betts, Ralph (Roger)
Subject:        North High Street Paving
The final paving and striping of the construction project on North High Street between Arcadia and Lane is planned for the week of September 14th. There will parking restrictions on High Street, Hudson (from Neil to East Street) and on all the side streets to the first street or alley. This has been a difficult area for parking restrictions and past experience has found it necessary to tow many cars. We want to mitigate this as much as possible and would appreciate the help of the community groups in the area to inform people. This work is expected to take about 6 days if the weather is good. The contractor will be working most of the daylight hours to get this done ASAP.
Three days before the work starts the no parking areas will be posted  that advise the dates and times that parking is prohibited. We will also be have message boards at each end of the project advising that vehicles will be towed if they are parked in the restricted areas. The contractor is only interested in moving the vehicles out of the work area, so many times they are only towed to the nearest open parking spot. If this is not possible they may get towed to the city impound lot and be subject to charges.
Another event that will impact the area is planned for Sunday 9/27, when arches will be installed at each end of the project. This work will require a complete closure of High Street from about 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Parking close to where the arches will be installed will be restricted. Messages boards will direct traffic to Neil and Indianola avenues during the closure. If there is bad weather, the work will be done the following Sunday.
Anyone that needs additional information can call me.
Roger Betts
Traffic Specialist
Paving the Way Program
Work: (614) 645-3970
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