Thursday, September 17, 2009

Closed: Spirit of Women Park

Good evening, NECKO - As the song goes... "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot..."

Earlier this week, OSU closed the Spirit of Women Park just around the corner from NECKO. The park closed on Monday and by yesterday ALL of the trees were cut down. We've heard that the official plans are to relocate the park; however, nothing definitive has been announced. The most recently announced plans called for a parking garage. Yes, this is in the same area in which two very large garages have been recently constructed. It is indeed a sad time for green space in Central Ohio.

This beautiful park was short-lived, but was an inspiring place while around and will surely be missed for those of us who enjoyed the calm tranquil space. Dedicated in 2001, this park was full of hand painted tiles inspired by and for the memories of over 1000 women complete with gentle fountains and dozens of maturing trees. It's not clear when the park will be reconfigured, but the neighbors will be asking Ohio State to consider a permanent location connected to the neighborhood.

Recently announced plans call for the conversion of the remaining recreational fields at King & Cannon along the river. This space too is to be lost to another parking lot as early as this fall. We are encouraging folks to contact OSU to protest the conversion of the last major green space along this section of the river into yet another parking lot.

Here are some photos starting with the park on Monday before the deconstruction through the removal of the trees at Spirit of Women Park - if they don't come through email, they'll be on the website at