Wednesday, July 29, 2009

9th Ave. Parking Garage Expansion Project Update

Good afternoon, NECKO - 
Please see the update on the 9th Ave. Parking Garage Construction below.  The project is nearing completion, but one last major piece of alley work remains. 

- William

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Date: Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 3:30 PM
Subject: 9th Ave. Parking GarageExpansion Project: Alley improvement work, Aug. 3rd to Sept. 21st, 2009

Dear Project Neighbors;


Please know the new parking garage is nearing completion and the final construction activities are in progress. Those items include preparing the surrounding landscape, alleys, and roadway to better enhance the final product.


Beginning Monday, Aug. 3rd, the General Contractor will start work in the east-west alley, south of the new parking garage. The alley will be closed to through traffic during this period of time. Trucks and equipment will be accessing this site by way of Eighth and Ninth Avenues.


The initial work will be to install a new storm sewer line followed by the re-construction of the alley roadway. The east-west alley construction work , south of the new garage will  take approximately three to four weeks.


On Sept. 1st, the General Contractor plans to start the north-south alley improvement work, east of the new garage. Construction will go from Eighth Ave. to Ninth Ave. and last about three weeks.  The alley will be closed to through traffic during this period of time. The work will have a direct impact on the vehicular access to the adjoining properties along the alley in this stretch. The University has considered this impasse and has the following plan for those adjoining property owners requiring parking spaces along the north-south alley.


The University and the Transportation and Parking Services Dept. will provide the necessary parking passes to the residents and property owners for access into the new parking garage while the alley improvements are under construction. The new 9th Avenue Parking Garage will be opened on Aug. 31st.


Please contact this office with your request for parking passes and the number of passes required. The passes will be for a period beginning Sept. 1st and lasting about three weeks to Sept. 21st.


If you have any questions please let me know.




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