Saturday, July 18, 2009

FOUND! Missing NECKO Welcome Sign has been recovered!


Good morning, NECKO -

I have some great news to start off your weekend... As many of you know or have noticed, one of the neighborhood historical signs has been missing for about a month. It's not clear what exactly happened to the historic marker plaque on the brick pillar by the intersection of Belmont and West 8th, but the good news is that it has been found!

I'm very happy to report that OSU Maintenance Personnel had found it and were keeping it safe. Special thanks to Paul Walsh and the team at OSU Facilities, Operations, & Development for their help and for contacting us! Thanks to everyone who had looked for it, talked to neighbors about it, and expressed concerns!

We'll be in contact with the City to get the plaque reinstalled, but there is no timeline and it may take a little while. Look for updates soon!

Have a great weekend - William

PS Don't forget to check out the neighborhood website at