Monday, July 19, 2010

Election Issues House Meeting

Hello, NECKO - Susan Keeny asked me to forward this to our list about an upcoming neighborhood area meeting. Have a great evening!




July 26, 2010

7 - 8 PM

358 King Avenue

Susan and John Keeny will host an information gathering regarding the upcoming elections and issues affecting our neighborhood.  The event is one of numerous house meetings occurring throughout Columbus to identify issues and situations in our lives of which candidates running for office in the November election need to be aware. 

The event is sponsored by the non-partisan organization, FaithVote Columbus.  For more information on this organization, please visit their website at .

We hope to see as many of our neighbors and friends as possible.  Dessert and beverages will be served.  Please call either 614-716-8284 or 937-479-0201 to RSVP.

Many Thanks,

Susan and John Keeny