Monday, August 9, 2010

Student Move-Out Plan from UAC

Good evening, NECKO - Please see the important information below regarding student move-out and furniture donation.  Feel free to share with neighbors or other groups.  Don't forget that 3-1-1 can assist you in scheduling bulk pickup.

- William

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Student Move-out/Move-in Starts this Month

Here is what you can do to help your community and be green. 

If you are a University District resident moving-out and have any of the following items that you will not be taking with you to your final destination:
o Furniture in good condition
o Mattresses that are not stained or ripped
o Couches that are not stained or rippped
o Kitchen Utensils
o Bedding
o Clothing

These items can be donated to Volunteers of America and you can schedule a pick-up with them and they will send out a truck to pick the larger items up. They also may have a smaller truck scheduled to pick up the smaller items on your street. 
Call (614) 272-2363 today to schedule a pick-up! -
They do not accept televisions.

You can also request a pick-up of good, clean, reusable furniture and household items from the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio.  They do accept televisions, but you will need to have them pick-up at least one piece of good furniture if they are to pick-up smaller household items and tvs. They will schedule a pick-up within one week of your call to (614) 272-9544.  Click here for details.

What should I do with items that cannot be donated?
Items that cannot be donated should be set out next to your dumpster (DO NOT BLOCK THE DUMPSTER) and a Bulk-Item Pick-up Request must be made to (614) 645-3111 or online at  This service is free of charge, but a request must be reported before they will schedule a pick-up.

Starting in late August, Bulk Collection Sites will be located throughout the University District. 
To help the City of Columbus, and to keep our neighborhood cleaner, please transport bulk-items (like damaged furniture, old carpets, unusable mattresses and old appliances) to the Bulk-Item Collection Sites.  A map of the drop-off locations will be distributed shortly.

Please remember to place trash and litter in your regular refuse container, and make sure not to block the containers with Bulk-Items.  BLOCKED REFUSE CONTAINERS WILL NOT BE PICKED-UP.

Thank you for your continued support of the University Area Commission and our neighborhood.